Donnerstag, 25. Oktober 2007

Logg (Leroy Burgess)

------------------------------------------------ (not Leroy Burgess)

THE Man from Harlem who brought us so many memorable moments as a producer, arranger and singer. After a few albums with his first and rather slow and souly project Black Ivory thorughout the 70s Leroy turned towards the groove to become one of the most influential producers in early dance music. Choosing differnet names for his studio bands he brought us hits like Convertion - Sweet Thing and Phreek - Weekend (which should later be remixed by Bob Blank & also Larry Levan, then called Class Action to reach even greater hights) etc.
Not to forget that he was just as successful as a lead singer for the fantastic Aleems on bombs like Release Yourself and until this day involved in numerous productions with even more pseudonyms in just as many styles of music.
Another just studio working project from the disco era was Logg who had another hit called You Got That Something.


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