Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2007

Bombers - (Everybody) Get Dancing 1979

Bombers were one of the many successful canadian disco groups in the late seventies. They released two albums on Westend Records called "Bombers" in 1978 and "Bombers 2" the following year. Even though I prefer their first one because it was far more on the spacey side, I picked their most succesful "(Everybody) Get Dancing" from the also on 2x 12 inch released second album. Prelude had invented this kind of releasing strategy for DJ use which made sales increase immensly. Bombers 2 stayed the bands last release and also the frontsingers Tamara Lorincz and Mack "BC" Jones last conjoint.

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p.skillz hat gesagt…

Love the site. Can you post Shake by Bombers?