Montag, 8. Oktober 2007

Hamilton Bohannon - Lets Start II Dance Again 1981

At a time when disco already had a tough time facing new sounds and easier rythm structures coming over from Europe that would change the face of Dance Music, Bohannon still was releasing records in a classic disco manner. And he had always been one of the best doing it. Heavy Rhythms, funky shuffle stuff, an amazing talent to pick unique vocalists and his Motown trained arranging skills make his records always interesting and still very dancable. This song was if I am right his most successful one but it was also released in several different versions always with Caroline Crawford`s outstanding vocals - one I had once stolen from me in Praha was a fantastic kind of remix- or semidub- version which didn`t in fact have Dr. Perri Johnson raps but with a stronger emphasis of the clavinet chords, lovely. PLEASE RETURN TO ME

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