Mittwoch, 2. April 2008

Wiki and the Wikings

The Peech Boys, also known as the New York Citi Peech Boys or NYC Peech Boys, was a band that comprised of Bernard Fowler, Steven Brown, Robert Kasper, Darryl Short, Larry Levan and Michael de Benedictus. The group formed at the Paradise Garage, being influenced by Larry Levan. They only released 4 12"s with On a Journey peaking at 56 in the 1983 R & B Billboard chart. However, they are most known for their 1982 song Don't Make Me Wait which was one of the early hits in the New York house/garage scene, due to Larry Levan's playing of it at the Paradise Garage. They were signed to the West End Label and split up in 1983.

Peech Boys - Don't Make Me Wait 1982

Dienstag, 18. März 2008

It ain't getting rootier

Since the beginning of the 1980s Juan Atkins stands out as one of the main protagonists of (early) Detroit techno, if not producer of one the first ever techno/electro tracks (Cybotron - Clear). Inspired by Alvin Toffler's book 'The Third Wave', Kraftwerk's visionary productions and Electrifying Mojo's Radio Show he created timeless masterpieces and blueprints to the Genre under the names Cybotron, Infiniti and (the here featured) Model 500.
No UFO's was the first release on his own legendary label Metroplex founded in 1985.
Derrick May another figure in early Detroit scene, who was living in Chicago at that time invited Juan over and told him to bring his records. The duo sold thousands of copies and No UFO's soon became a hit with Chicago mix shows like Hot Mix Five.
Later Metroplex singles like "Night Drive," "Interference" and "The Chase" also sold well and set the template for Detroit techno: moody and sublime machine music, inspired by the drone of automated factories and trips down the I-96 freeway late at night.

MODEL 500 - NO UFO'S 1985

Freitag, 29. Februar 2008

The break of breaks and much more

I feel so bad posting hits, but I can't prevent doing it and there might be someone who never heard this before, really? So when John "Jellybean" Benitez, John Rocca and Arthur Baker got together to create this hit of hits it sure was a milestone in the history of dance music - This is some serious shit !

Freeez - I.O.U. 1982

Mittwoch, 27. Februar 2008

Vanity is unfair

Denise Matthews, Brenda Bennett and Susan Moonsey made up this girl group put together by Prince in the early 1980s. They Only released one album, and scored a dance club hit with Nasty Girl. Frontwoman Denise Matthews left the group to pursue a solo career just before filming began for Purple Rain, so her role in the film (as well as the single "Sex Shooter") were passed along to Apollonia and Apollonia 6 appeared in the film instead of this group.

Vanity 6 - Nasty Girl 1982

Montag, 18. Februar 2008

What was skating at the disco like . . .

New Yorker Vaughn Mason's most famous song was the disco/funk single "Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll," credited to Vaughan Mason & Crew. Released on Brunswick, it hit the top five of the U.S. R&B charts in 1980 and became the title track of the group's first and only album. The single also became sample fodder for several rap songs, including:
Digital Underground's "Doowutchyalike"
Heavy D's "Black Coffee"
De La Soul's "Cool Breeze on the Rocks"
Redman's "Slide and Rock On."

Vaughan Mason & Crew - Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll

Samstag, 16. Februar 2008

Are you flexible?

Shallow and deep at the same time this italo record sure is difficult to get for people still young enough to get offended by this kind of cheesiness. But there is a lot to miss if filtered out too early like the tech-trancy delayed synth lines and the superb break, whether you like horses or not - a good and cheap to find record.

Flexi Cowboys - Sexy Movie 1984

Mittwoch, 13. Februar 2008

Barrack Osama ?

In 1984 when the rouge president's dad was vice president and during a time when the USA were far away from excepting even a black presidential candidate, the band Martha and the Muffins changed their name to M&M and recorded the hit Black Stations/White Stations. It nearly made #1 on the American Billboard's Dance Chart only hold of from Prince's When Doves Cry. It didn't change much at the time but the songs stays timeless.

M&M - Black Stations/White Stations 1984

Montag, 11. Februar 2008

Fix and Foxy

Dear Reader,

all apologies for my bad behaviour in the last month. I wont even start with excuses and leave you with a disco classic anyone should be happy to know.

Yours sincerely


Foxy - Get Off 1978

Samstag, 22. Dezember 2007

The Voice From Above

Not long to go until christmas I felt like sharing a close friendship without any kind of possession until this day. Wanting to write some info on it I stumbled on a 12" release of this and one of my recent posts put together on one record. For sure being a sign of trying to get me up from winter sleeping and fill the lack of continuity in this blog. Also very interesting as I loved both - so different songs equally throughout time never had them face to face in my felt-order for someone else having it too.

Electra feat. Tara Butler - Feels Good

Dienstag, 4. Dezember 2007

Tee Scott

DJ Tee Scott had been a role model troughout the seventies to all those stars with names everybody still knows about: Larry Levan, Frankie Knuckles or Ron Hardy and the legendary clubs like The Garage (NY), The Warehouse (Chicago/NY) and The Music Box (Chicago) sure based their success on grounds prepared by the likes of Tee Scott.
After a while behind the decks he turned towards studio work to become a renowned Mixer on only a few, but therefore cutting-edge productions. This one was produced by Arthur Baker and friends and also Michael Jonzun.
A kind of 303 Acid bassline before Arthur's characteristical guitar harmonies and a super light disco groove and a xylophone - just the way I like it

Northend - Happy Days (Tee Scott Club Mix)

Freitag, 16. November 2007

What came first egg or chicken?

The foundation of techno music is a room with many doors. From african trance drumming, early 20th century 12 tone music to Kraftwerk many things made up the soil for something new to grow on. The importance of legendary radio DJ Electrifying Mojo from Detroit can not be disregarded aswell, as he like anybody who really loves music (just maybe a little earlier) saw the close link between many different styles in his radioshow on WGPR, 107.5 FM in the beginning of the 80's, by the only real definition of good and bad. He played anything he liked from Motown and Funkadelic to experimental music but also the european stuff that had interpreted the in the USA already stopping disco train to create new sounds and easier rhythm structures. Two enigmatic teenagers Sterling Jones and Paul Lesley formed alliance to produce their form of music they were hearing over the airwaves. Electrifying Mojo along with Detroit staff writer Jim McFarlin named the group A Number of Names. Released as early as 1981 the dark feel and the minimalistic structure of sharivari must definitly be included in the search for the first ever real techno track. It became a worldwide underground hit on the dancefloors and didn't loose any of it`s weight in 26 years.


Donnerstag, 15. November 2007

Lil' Louis & The World 1990

French Kiss has always been a precious early (pop) house tune hard to believe from the present time that it climed so high in various charts worldwide when it came out. This is the 2nd place in my Lil' Louis ranking list - trackname shows what you get.


Dienstag, 13. November 2007

DMX Krew / Aphex Twin

One of my favourite student jobs was being a limodriver for record companies` top acts around 2003 when they still had enough money for such a way of getting around Berlin. Once it was Placebo who I didn`t really put much attention to before apart from the inescapable chart hits they had and their gothic look. They are really nice people though the only track I ever digged was that with the "friend in need is a friend indeed a friend with weed is better". They had to give autographs at the famous Saturn electronics store and were given the chance by the owner to pick out as many cds hey wanted - but didn`t want to dive in the masses of similar dressed fans. So I started to run around the shop picking up albums I would like to have and as they liked what I got I had to get each copy four times - three for them and one for me. (I walked out with about 20!) That again showed me that there is only good and bad music and taste despite all styles. One was the at moment fresh release of Aphex Twin`s 26 remixes for cash which I probably would never have bought having to pay for it. Here I bring you my still favourited track from this concept album.

Mittwoch, 7. November 2007

Phillygran - Mein Plattenschrank Volume Two

This is the most complicated and highly emotional post to date. Clearing out the cellar I picked out an Eastpak school rucksack a lot of us have been running and biking around with near the millenium and back in the days (right?), cause it still today is the safest way to carry around a laptop but stylewise comprehends a suicide. Anyway it wasn`s empty: Inside I found the only and last copies of four of my live mixes I did around that time. Badly mixed it consists of mostly classics with a few ongoing tracks of the time I liked. Okay this wouldn`t be so special if not 80 % percent of the featured records got stolen from me and probably burnt up to warm the gypsy gang`s cave in Praha. Still I did not get em all back and also far more expensive as these 80s dance records are more sought after than ten years ago. I am very much enjoying to share this one with the world now. Feel free to add a playlist if you like.


Montag, 5. November 2007

The Catch 1983

I just got back from a warming start to this winter in the south of Europe: Andalucia & Marokko. The north african country still is one of my favourite holiday destinations as it offers great history, people, culture and in addition to comfortable climate, a divers nature and cheap hascheesh. Could easily apply for EU if you ask me?

Well just another of my 1983 greaties as I am having power supply troubles. Well done Apple


Donnerstag, 25. Oktober 2007

Logg (Leroy Burgess)

------------------------------------------------ (not Leroy Burgess)

THE Man from Harlem who brought us so many memorable moments as a producer, arranger and singer. After a few albums with his first and rather slow and souly project Black Ivory thorughout the 70s Leroy turned towards the groove to become one of the most influential producers in early dance music. Choosing differnet names for his studio bands he brought us hits like Convertion - Sweet Thing and Phreek - Weekend (which should later be remixed by Bob Blank & also Larry Levan, then called Class Action to reach even greater hights) etc.
Not to forget that he was just as successful as a lead singer for the fantastic Aleems on bombs like Release Yourself and until this day involved in numerous productions with even more pseudonyms in just as many styles of music.
Another just studio working project from the disco era was Logg who had another hit called You Got That Something.


Dienstag, 23. Oktober 2007

Robert Owens

Having been hunting after this 12" for a long period of time I finally managed to get myself a copy of this classic house tune on Trax Records. Robert Owens outstanding voice which surely is still in everybody`s ears since last years brilliant Henrik Schwarz remix on "Coldcut`s - Walk A Mile" does it here again/before produced by no other than Larry Heard.
Shout out to my friend Eric D. Clark who put me on this again which probably hasn`t left his recordbag since its time of release.


Montag, 22. Oktober 2007

Steve "Silk" Hurley

Radio Dj in the late 80s on WBMX in Chicago bringing turntableism into house music and a immensly long list of remixes, Steve "Silk" Hurley also brought the genre its first #1 Chart Hit in the UK in the beginning of 1987. "Jack Your Body" hasn`t in 20years lost much of its intensity with its at the time unheard cut up vocal sample. Starting this week on The Chosen Sperms.


Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2007


And the winner is: Cymande!
One of the best breaks ever and a very thoughtafter compostition puts a UK band on top of my this week`s defintion of funk. As it seems not so many liked the funky intermezzo - I will sure do one again in the future.
A shame this band only existed from 1971-1974 seeing how easily these eight autodidacts created beautifully complex though reduced music not giving the slightest fuck on crossing styles or genres.
The combination of the warm funk bassline and african rythms giving this irresistable groove and then these killer horns far away in the distance - "but its allright!" A trip has started one cannot elude from anymore. . .
Brothers on the slide is a far more slow & sexy groove like the american tracks of the time. Nevertheless absolutely brilliant.


Etta James - Out On The Street Again 1974

"Come a little closer" as we`re getting closer to the end and the top places of this funky week. This song is by far the coolest girl number I know by lyrics and groove that it has not to avoid the challenge with male dominated funk cuts from the mid/late seventies. Just not made it to win but a solid 2nd place suits it well.

Freitag, 19. Oktober 2007

Donny Hathaway - The Ghetto (live) 1972

Taken from first side of Donny Hathaway`s 1972 Live album. It was recorded at two concerts: side one at The Troubadour in Hollywood, and side two at the The Bitter End in Greenwich Village, Manhattan. It features only one song written by Hathaway, "The Ghetto", with the rest of the set consisting of cover songs. The album features some tradition soul anthems, such as Marvin Gaye's 1971 hit "What's Going On", but also Carole King's folk standard "You've Got a Friend" and John Lennon`s "Jealous Guy". Try to take yourself these 12minutes of your time over the course of the weekend. It is if you don`t already know -worth it.

Mittwoch, 17. Oktober 2007


(FUNKY WEEK # 6) Earth, Wind & Fire - Fair But So Uncool 1974

This is of the 1974 album called "Open Your Eyes" which started the commercial breakthrough being their first top 30 in the pop charts - the rest is history.

(FUNKY WEEK # 5) Magnum - Evolution 1974

Philly goes diggin` deeper. Evolution is one of these funky warm hardcore soul weapons.
What a record!! Even if you cannot sing at all join in to make this party :
"Evo-lu-tion what a so-lu-tion ?"

(FUNKY WEEK # 4) Fred Wesley & The JB's - I Wanna Get Down 1974

Funk Week without James Brown? this is as close as it will get to him. Next to being member of several of his bands and even the band leader to this (JB) project, the renowned Jazz trombonist Fred Wesley was fortunate and good enough to have also played with George Clinton's Parliament/Funkadelic and other grandeurs like Ray Charles, Lionel Hampton, Randy Crawford and many more in his long career.
A classic funky dance monster with flying wahwahs, a highend horn section and an amazing drumsound doing its part to get people down on the dancefloor.

Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2007

(FUNKY WEEK # 3) The Meters - Ain't No Use 1974

I don`t have to think twice when I claim the 1974 Rejuvenation from the Meters to be my over all favourite Funk LP.
I could have picked every song here to represent this masterpiece not only in terms of melodies, grooves, vocals, instrumentation, arrangements and songwriting they also were the tightest playing guys on the planet. The link between these musicians can be heard on numerous of their productions and especially on this mindblowing 12min jam I always favourited even to such Über-Hits like "Just Kissed My Baby" or "People Say" .
the Meters to me are (this is no joke) the best studio and live band of all times
PS: Thanx to my mentor PURE for introducing this to me when I was a little boy.

The Fatback Band - Spanish Hustle 1975

Fatbacks biggest hit is and was "Spanish Hustle" which marks their musical turning point away from mid tempo funk grooves towards their disco and later even rather boring pop future.
A track with emotional ups and downs the steady pushing Roy Ayer`s like groove comes riding in bringing the track to life and fortunately staying till the end. But there is also a needed healing relief from the love boat harmonies in form of a spacey synth line showing the songs borderline syndrome.

(FUNKY WEEK # 2) Blackbyrds - Rock Creek Park 1975

The Blackbyrds were founded in the early seventies by the famous Jazz musician and trumpet player Donald Byrd who before becoming a professor in Ethnomusicology at New York Academy of Performing Arts and Howard University in Washington DC had been playing with illustriousnesses like Thelonious Monk, Charlie Parker, Max Roach and John Coltrane.
When he started to look for musicians for this project wanting to combine funk and soul elements with jazz he had to choose within his students because people his age were sniggering at his idea.
After already releasing the album "Flying Start" in 1973 and track on the "Cornbread Earl & Me" soundtrack in 1975 they put out
"City Life" that featured the outstanding song: "Rock Creek Park" an hommage to the biggest park in Washington.
The song became (and still is) a popular local anthem, not to mention that it's still part of every hot selection at b-boys' parties.
It is the most sampled blackbyrds track:

Ol' Dirty Bastard and Coolio in (In the park)
NWA (Quiet on tha set)
Big Daddy Kane ("Raw '91")
Eric B & Rakim ("The R")
UTFO ("Doin' It)
Ice Cube ("I wanna kill Sam")
De la Soul ("Ghetto thang")

(FUNKY WEEK # 1) Ripple - I Don't Know What Is Sure Its Funky Now 1973

Will be posting some of my favourite classic funk tunes this week - starting with the soulful "I don`t know what it is sure its funky now" of Ripple`s selftitled album from 1973. Many times heard, used and sampled in HipHop for instance Special ED's "I got it Made" and Kid-N-Play's "Rollin", which doesn`t make the original loose anything of its greatness.

Sonntag, 14. Oktober 2007

America - Raniy Day 1971

Of America`s debut album a song I always loved and shure did Elliot Smith whose vocal harmonies seemed to taken over where their good phase left off some 20 years later.

Donnerstag, 11. Oktober 2007

Post #50 Kid Frost T.M.S - Rough Cut 1984

How lovely can be re-organizing records at home when you stumble across such a goodie. Still don`t know why I ever put it in the I-might-never-play this hiphop record again section : Well,
This was the Electrobeat labels first release and its still a good example for how great Rap-Music was before it got eaten up completely towards the end of the last century. The Hookline together with the cool running bass has even got a lot of deepness to offer if you ask me, quite extraordinary for this raw meant style of music.

Mittwoch, 10. Oktober 2007

People's Choice - We Got The Rhythm 1976

"Cold Blooded & Down Right Funky" is a fairly underated Philly-Funk Dancefloorweapon. Great 1/16th cowbell give it that bounce that even electric guitars cannot destroy. Their previous album "Boogie Down USA" from 1975 already had a great mix of philly soul pieces and these highly dance infective Uptempo Funk cuts like "Do It Anyway You Wanna".
Just thinking if I should take "Here We Go Again" from the 2nd album aswell - feel happy if I did so=essentials (Sorry I am ill)
P.`s Ch. - Cold Blooded & Down Right Funky
P.`s Ch. - Here We Go Again

Dienstag, 9. Oktober 2007

Temper - No Favors (Dub) 1984

There is no real necessary information on why to drop "Temper`s No Favors" from 1984, But the Dub version is better than the original.

My favourite Simpsons Episode

This is supposed to be a blog to share my definiton of pop history. But I don`t see a a problem of putting a smile on some of your faces with this: Also a stronghold in pop culture. As the days get shorter and colder a direct working antidepressive.

Montag, 8. Oktober 2007

Hamilton Bohannon - Lets Start II Dance Again 1981

At a time when disco already had a tough time facing new sounds and easier rythm structures coming over from Europe that would change the face of Dance Music, Bohannon still was releasing records in a classic disco manner. And he had always been one of the best doing it. Heavy Rhythms, funky shuffle stuff, an amazing talent to pick unique vocalists and his Motown trained arranging skills make his records always interesting and still very dancable. This song was if I am right his most successful one but it was also released in several different versions always with Caroline Crawford`s outstanding vocals - one I had once stolen from me in Praha was a fantastic kind of remix- or semidub- version which didn`t in fact have Dr. Perri Johnson raps but with a stronger emphasis of the clavinet chords, lovely. PLEASE RETURN TO ME

Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2007

Bombers - (Everybody) Get Dancing 1979

Bombers were one of the many successful canadian disco groups in the late seventies. They released two albums on Westend Records called "Bombers" in 1978 and "Bombers 2" the following year. Even though I prefer their first one because it was far more on the spacey side, I picked their most succesful "(Everybody) Get Dancing" from the also on 2x 12 inch released second album. Prelude had invented this kind of releasing strategy for DJ use which made sales increase immensly. Bombers 2 stayed the bands last release and also the frontsingers Tamara Lorincz and Mack "BC" Jones last conjoint.

Freitag, 5. Oktober 2007

Mike Theodore Orchestra - Cosmic Wind 1977

This is Mike Theodore`s first solo achievement after he had been working together with the also very famous Dennis Coffey on numerous Hit records under the name of Dennis Coffey & The Detroit Guitar Band. Both originated from Detroit, Michigan where Dennis was highly credited in the late 60s and early 70s as a guitarist for illustrious Motown figures like Marvin Gaye and Martha Reeves. Mike instead was far more renowned for his producing, arranging and mixing skills so it was not surprising he quickly became an important character in the newly evolving field of disco which was to become the first mainly producer driven type of music. In the year 1977 Mike Theodore was the producer of two of my alltime favourite records that combine disco and Detroit Soul: C.J. & Co. - Devil's Gun and the now here featured Mike Theodore Orchetstra - Cosmic Wind which were both released on Westbound Records (The Label with the truck) and as one can hear mixed by Tom Moulton. These two records mark the start of success for Westbound as Mike was featured the following year on top selling artists like Fantastic Four, King Errisson and the Detroit Emeralds.

Mike Theodore Orchestra - Moon Track
Mike Theodore Orchestra - The Bull

Samstag, 29. September 2007

Larry Levan

As promised more of this legendary figure in the history of dance music. A superb unreleased lenghtend mix of `Hall & Oates - Maneater` an already perfect and much beloved evergreen gets the maestro`s retouch - done late in his career. Plus a scantily early ninetees London Kiss FM Interview hosted by the the pretentious and badly informed Radio Dj, Judge Jules. "Does he really ask about a belgium-hard-beat-house wave coming out of New York influencing Larry at the time"?
Well, to hear this influential and inspiring guest talk and his sweet selection is worth enough a listen.
"Only Classics survive the modes of time."

Hall & Oates - Maneater (Larry Levan - Extended Mix
Larry Levan Kiss Fm Interview

Freitag, 28. September 2007

Laurin Rinder & W. Michael Lewis

The biographies of these two exceptionally talented musicians, producers, songwriters, stylecreators etc. from california who have been reinventing themselves more than once in their long carrier are great statements for peoples dedication to music. They had been taking part in numerous professional productions and projects from early childhood and had both sucess and being participants in making music history in very different styles even before they met. This is an appreciation for the time they worked together producing disco with an ouput forcing them to create aliases like El Coco and Le Pamplemousse before acclaiming under their real names. These two tracks show the variety in which they even managed to play disco in.
`One of them SuperGroups`

Rinder & Lewis - Gluttony 1978
Le Pamplemousse - Love Every Minute 1980

Mittwoch, 26. September 2007

Advance - Take Me To The Top 1982

Been wanting to post this for a long time - Äh, sorry going just under two months but it feels like I never did anything else sure will keep on going for my fanbase. Could call it a fan too but adding -base sounds bigger and might even attract more to make `em feel like being part of something great. Advance seemingly put out no other song than this there was one released a few years later called "Take It To The Top" which I have never had a listen too, but as names do not differ much I expect it to be close to the original. Nevertheless this song is fantastic with its surplus vocals, groovy synth lines, dreamy pads and classic muted guitars it for sure is one of my all time favourites. And if not reminded by some `music theoreticians` and that it was produced by Alvaro Ugolini and Dario Raimondi I would have never subsumed it under the term Italo Disco, but hey lets compromise: An All Time Dance Classic

Freitag, 21. September 2007

Midnight Star - No Parking On The Dancefloor 1983

One of my forevermore party classics with this inescapable groove that still gets the biggest disco hater and dancemuffel moving. Released on the bands peak in 1983 when the founders and brothers Reginald and Vincent Calloway were still in control - also worth checking out is their track Operator. Being dissed by my friends in the mid ninetees Hip Hop times (when I first found out about this song) it stands for my revolutionary style battle with my coeval fellowmen. But I know now why I loved and still love a lot of music from exactly that time is cause they called it R&B. What the FUCK happened to this genre?
Original Video:

Mittwoch, 12. September 2007

The Colonel Gino Soccio - You Move _ Me Trapped (Phillygran Live Edit)

A mix a day keeps the doctor away.
Photo by the georgeous Edda. (Berlin, Wedding)

Dienstag, 11. September 2007

Blake Baxter - Brothers Gonna Work It Out (Red Planet Mix) 1992

One of Detroits constants Blake Baxter has been around for far more than two decades providing the dancefloors with his perception of finest house and techno tunes. After a world tour with the Underground Resistance he spent some time during the long gone great times in Berlin where he produced songs like "One more time", the here featured "Brothers gonna work it out" and for Tresor Records the album “Dream Sequence one thru three”.
The vocals of "bgwio" were later sampled by the Chemical Brothers for their “Brothers Gonna Work it Out”.

Montag, 10. September 2007

Manuel Göttsching E2-E4 (3 min Excerpt)

E2-E4 is said to be one of the most influential electronic albums of all times. First released in 1984 after Manuel had recorded it three years earlier the vinyl version consists of the nearly 60 min track cut up into two pieces. It`s been used and referred to plenty of times in the recent past as it celebrated its 25th anniversary last year. The track was sampled in 1989 by the italian producers DFC and released under the name Sueno Latino which brought it the most circulation up to then in an acid robe.
After I already had the pleasure to see Manuel at the end of last year performing this famous album solo at the great Berghain here in Berlin he showed yesterday night in the course of his 55th birthday party toghether with Elliott Sharp (NY) and White (China) at Watergate in a kind of acoustic though amplified version. Followed up by Joe Claussell, Marc Schneider, My My, Artur8 and Dixon.
Enjoy this piece of footage:

Sonntag, 9. September 2007

Paul Hardcastle - You Are The One For Me 1984

Paul Hardcastle`s most famous song which brought him acclaim and chart success was of course `19` where he mixed samples from a television documentary about vietnam veterans who suffered from psychosomatic disorders. That song wasn`t supposed to be released he just put it together to convince his record company to let him record and mix at his home studio.
You`re the one for me was a cover originally by D-Train combined with two of his own compositions (Daybreak and A.M.) sung by Kevin Henry.

Samstag, 8. September 2007

Connie Case - Get Down 1982

An absolute classic early eighties disco track straight from my party bag into your arms. Extremly cool

Donnerstag, 6. September 2007

Demis Roussos - I Dig You (Orig. 1977) Todd Terje Edit

Just a quick one as I am really tired and should be sleeping already.
To Egypt born Greek Demis Roussos brought us many wonderful pieces of music having included a great deal of cultural variety to form his definition of Jazz. The album `Magic` from the original to this lovely edit was produced by Vangelis whom he had joined with in the late 60s to initiate the goup Aphrodite's Child.

Mittwoch, 5. September 2007

me on mi @ lining

Will be playing some rare disco classics and dance gems for all of you in Berlin
tonite wednesday, September 5th at Lining.
11pm Entry € 0,00 - so no excuses!

Dienstag, 4. September 2007

Watsonian Institute - Coming Around 1978

Time for Johnny Guitar Watson and his Watsonian Institute. I do love a lot of his work
but the two albums he reorded under this name 78/79 with a bunch of other greatly
talented Musicians do suit me the most. When improvising on the guitar he sometimes
took it too far tooteling. But the same thing on a Moog, these great synthie basslines were a great addendum to his indispensible blues guitar Soli - Real Dance/Speed-Funk

Montag, 3. September 2007

Bobbi Humphrey - Chicago Damn 1973

Bobbi Humphrey was only 23 years old when she recorded her already second album
as a solo artist in 1973 called blacks and blues. Kowing that she wanted to become a flutist
from the first moment she heard Peter and the Wolfe being a little girl in first grade.
For me this is her best track as it combines a much stronger damn funky groove to her jazzy way of playing featuring on
drums the also very famous Harvey Mason.

Samstag, 1. September 2007

Carol Kenyon - Dance With Me 1984

Carol Kenyon has been working on numerous productions as a lead and
backround singer in her still ongoing career. Some of which were Heaven 17,
Vangelis/Demis Roussos, Paul Hardcastle and Mike Oldfield.
At the moment she is touring with Roger Waters on his Dark Side of the moon tour.
This one is produced by Stephen Lipson. I like that it takes quite some in the song for the vocals to set in.