Freitag, 16. November 2007

What came first egg or chicken?

The foundation of techno music is a room with many doors. From african trance drumming, early 20th century 12 tone music to Kraftwerk many things made up the soil for something new to grow on. The importance of legendary radio DJ Electrifying Mojo from Detroit can not be disregarded aswell, as he like anybody who really loves music (just maybe a little earlier) saw the close link between many different styles in his radioshow on WGPR, 107.5 FM in the beginning of the 80's, by the only real definition of good and bad. He played anything he liked from Motown and Funkadelic to experimental music but also the european stuff that had interpreted the in the USA already stopping disco train to create new sounds and easier rhythm structures. Two enigmatic teenagers Sterling Jones and Paul Lesley formed alliance to produce their form of music they were hearing over the airwaves. Electrifying Mojo along with Detroit staff writer Jim McFarlin named the group A Number of Names. Released as early as 1981 the dark feel and the minimalistic structure of sharivari must definitly be included in the search for the first ever real techno track. It became a worldwide underground hit on the dancefloors and didn't loose any of it`s weight in 26 years.


Donnerstag, 15. November 2007

Lil' Louis & The World 1990

French Kiss has always been a precious early (pop) house tune hard to believe from the present time that it climed so high in various charts worldwide when it came out. This is the 2nd place in my Lil' Louis ranking list - trackname shows what you get.


Dienstag, 13. November 2007

DMX Krew / Aphex Twin

One of my favourite student jobs was being a limodriver for record companies` top acts around 2003 when they still had enough money for such a way of getting around Berlin. Once it was Placebo who I didn`t really put much attention to before apart from the inescapable chart hits they had and their gothic look. They are really nice people though the only track I ever digged was that with the "friend in need is a friend indeed a friend with weed is better". They had to give autographs at the famous Saturn electronics store and were given the chance by the owner to pick out as many cds hey wanted - but didn`t want to dive in the masses of similar dressed fans. So I started to run around the shop picking up albums I would like to have and as they liked what I got I had to get each copy four times - three for them and one for me. (I walked out with about 20!) That again showed me that there is only good and bad music and taste despite all styles. One was the at moment fresh release of Aphex Twin`s 26 remixes for cash which I probably would never have bought having to pay for it. Here I bring you my still favourited track from this concept album.

Mittwoch, 7. November 2007

Phillygran - Mein Plattenschrank Volume Two

This is the most complicated and highly emotional post to date. Clearing out the cellar I picked out an Eastpak school rucksack a lot of us have been running and biking around with near the millenium and back in the days (right?), cause it still today is the safest way to carry around a laptop but stylewise comprehends a suicide. Anyway it wasn`s empty: Inside I found the only and last copies of four of my live mixes I did around that time. Badly mixed it consists of mostly classics with a few ongoing tracks of the time I liked. Okay this wouldn`t be so special if not 80 % percent of the featured records got stolen from me and probably burnt up to warm the gypsy gang`s cave in Praha. Still I did not get em all back and also far more expensive as these 80s dance records are more sought after than ten years ago. I am very much enjoying to share this one with the world now. Feel free to add a playlist if you like.


Montag, 5. November 2007

The Catch 1983

I just got back from a warming start to this winter in the south of Europe: Andalucia & Marokko. The north african country still is one of my favourite holiday destinations as it offers great history, people, culture and in addition to comfortable climate, a divers nature and cheap hascheesh. Could easily apply for EU if you ask me?

Well just another of my 1983 greaties as I am having power supply troubles. Well done Apple