Mittwoch, 7. November 2007

Phillygran - Mein Plattenschrank Volume Two

This is the most complicated and highly emotional post to date. Clearing out the cellar I picked out an Eastpak school rucksack a lot of us have been running and biking around with near the millenium and back in the days (right?), cause it still today is the safest way to carry around a laptop but stylewise comprehends a suicide. Anyway it wasn`s empty: Inside I found the only and last copies of four of my live mixes I did around that time. Badly mixed it consists of mostly classics with a few ongoing tracks of the time I liked. Okay this wouldn`t be so special if not 80 % percent of the featured records got stolen from me and probably burnt up to warm the gypsy gang`s cave in Praha. Still I did not get em all back and also far more expensive as these 80s dance records are more sought after than ten years ago. I am very much enjoying to share this one with the world now. Feel free to add a playlist if you like.



][ hat gesagt…

great story - emotional mixes! shame about those stolen classics! great tracks once again. thank you

Tomer hat gesagt…

Hey Pnilly! Great mix! Was supporting my yoga practice today. Keep uploading the rest. from your listener, Tomer.