Freitag, 31. August 2007

Yello - Lost Again (Greg Wilson Edit) 2005/1983

Greg Wilson influential DJ from Manchester with his take on Switzerlands best export hit
next to DJ Bobo: Yello. Probably best known for their amazingly fast rapped Bostich Yello
were far ahead of their time. Also a definite buy recommendation as especially in Europe Yello records can be shot for little money. The lost again one I found for amazingly cheap € 1 from an East-Berliner library selling out its vinyls - Interesting as they had a lot of western records even from pre wall-down times.

Donnerstag, 30. August 2007

The Romantics - Talking In Your Sleep 1983

Another one in the line of first-rate classics. This 12" pressing is so loud, powerful
and rife with soul that anyone who calls this track from The Romantics just a one hit wonder
should be subducted their right of speech. There are songs that can cure blues better than
love, success or any kind of short time satisfaction - Talking in your sleep is high up on my list for that purpose. I end up dancing and singing around the place everytime I put it on.

Mittwoch, 29. August 2007

Divine - Shake It Up 1983

The Pet Shop Boys and I got one thing in common - exclusively one thing. We admire the exceptionial productions of Bobby Orlando. You might disagree but "West End Girls" is in in my book the only piece of music these two Brits ever were involved in and it was off course produced by Bobby O.
Divine`s shake it up is not my favourite Orlando production but it shows how visionary this man was in terms of combining a show momentum with his gayish disco hits - ironically he was greatly homophobic.
Born as Harris Glenn Milstead Divine was a famous transvestide starring as an actor in movies like Pink Flamingos where the name Divine was first used.
More Orlando stuff here on chosensperms in the near future for now this track
+ an appearance in Tony Wilsons Hacienda/Manchester who unfortunately passed away just a few weeks ago
+ a tribute to this special man and his vision of a club

RIP Anthony Howard Wilson 20 February 1950 – 10 August 2007

Samstag, 25. August 2007

Sesso Matto - Sessomatto 1976

Yes I am an arrogant guy. I am a proud owner of an original copy of Westend Records first release.
It is actually a rap record - without raps. Its not really a dance record but it is so important for what came afterwards and the great bass can still compete after more than 30 years since this copy was pressed. If this record would have flopped Mel Cheren Westend Co-Founder might never have got Tom Moulton to mix their following releases, he might never have met up with Michael Brody to originate Paradise Garage and get Larry Levan to dj there and so on and so on and so on. This world would not be as bright as it is (in terms of club culture) without Sessomatto THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU

- mp3 uploaded again through to clipping on old one. So just get it again.
Thanx to MTRBRT

Freitag, 24. August 2007

Pantha Du Prince - Butterfly (Sten Version) 2005

Something for the weekend. Turn up your fucking bose-docking stations and let yourself go with this fabulous deep
though still clever arranged Dance Anthem.
I know its not the freshest one but I don`t feel like posting just released tracks so they can go
through the system (clubs, media, street) first to achieve historical permanence.
But hey its still around so grap yourself a copy and/or check out pantha`s other work
a very talented fellow from Berlin.

Donnerstag, 23. August 2007

Azymuth - Jazz Carnival 1979

Sorry for the short gap, but it was quite busy and my girlfriends birthday on tuesday. Back to normality.

This brazilian Band started their career in the early seventies under the name Grupo Seleção with a tribute album
for their fellow citizen and famous formula One race driver Emerson Fittipaldi.
This LP contained the song Jazz Carnival which was later released as a twelve inch on
milestone records. Its an instrumental disco/jazz piece that can easily be played on 33 R.P.M to be
included into your dj-set, with then still 117bpm it will more easily reach a consensus of your crowd.
Oh your ipod cant`t define that kind of speed - I dropped you both tempi.

Azymuth - Jazz Carnival 45rpm
Azymuth - Jazz Carnival 33rpm

Sonntag, 19. August 2007

The Love Unlimited Orchestra - Things That Dreams Are Made Of 1982

Next to having commercial chart success in the early 80s The Human League has eternalised itself
in 1982 through being the first group/artist to release a complete remix lp in pop history.
Released under the name The League Unlimited Orchestra, Love And Dancing contained instrumental versions of
previously released HL songs put togehter by Martin Rushent their producer at the time.
This is the piece to know - knowing it will have you sensitised of well this can be placed in a contemporary party set.

Freitag, 17. August 2007

Company B - Fascinated (Spellbound Mix) 1987

Written and produced by Ish Ledesma former Foxy band member this is Company B`s No.1 Dance Hit.
The three Girls used to stage wearing white wings like the great Who Made Who doing it nowadays.
No doubt a timeless Dance classic.

The Glass Family - Mr. DJ, You Know How To Make Me Dance 1978

JDC Records Owner Jim Callon Founded The Glass Family as a studio project wanting to make a disco album.
It was also co-written and produced by him and he managed to get Taka Boom (the famous Chaka Khan`s little sister) for lead vocals on this track, which should became their only real hit. Taka Boom who in 1975 already stared on Undisputed Truth`s hit `Me + You = Love` did not participate on the follow up and final album `Crazy` which was one of the reasons this did not attract so much interest.
A DJ`s effect on female/male listeners was apparently not different then today - What still makes this a great Job, right?!

Donnerstag, 16. August 2007

Paul Parker - Right On Target 1982

Oh I wish I could grow a moustache like Paul Parker. He is not the best dancer the world has ever seen, but in combination with the excellent production of no one less than Patrick Cowley it really didn`t matter.
Greetings to Let It Grow.

Mittwoch, 15. August 2007

Amin Peck - Coda 1982

Some people still think Italo Disco was music with cheesy vocals, listened and produced only by
slimy north italian philanderers, and would not survive the of so many detested 80s.
Well this one is for sure still alive. It is an instrumental song and can easily fit in any minimal set of this millenium.

Dienstag, 14. August 2007

Dr Who - Mankind 1978

Ron Grainers famous Dr Who TV Show Theme. But of course the funky Disco Version.
a bit ver-crakled, wa?

Sonntag, 12. August 2007

Helge Schneider - Klapperstrauß 1995

Helge Schneider one of Germanys best comedians and Jazz Musicians with his one and only techno track.
Helge seems to have been inspired to this by the untsylish dresscodes and beahavior of western ravers in the 90s. But he definitely also appreciates the musical value of the genre.
Knowing now how close Jazz- and Technomusic can be linked "Klapperstrauß" is in our point of view not far away from Moodyman productions, formerly known as Kenny Dixon jr.

Thanx to my friend Carlos for his support and reminding me of this hidden piece in my collection. (one of only 200 copies!)

Love De Luxe - Here Comes That Sound Again 1979

Digging for Records can be a rewarding hobby - but if you`re in a shop with no chance of listening to a potential gem you picked out, there are a some more or less superstition driven reasons for ending up actually buying it.
One pretty obvious one, but often misleading, could be the cover. (well if that goes wrong you still have a nice piece of visual art to look at??)
Another pretty dull one I developed (and allready dropped again) is buying records released within a certain period. In my case that was the time of birth 1979.

As I never really cared about a covers condition (vg++ etc.) and the record still looked pretty okay for where I found it horizontally underneath a box I had to take out to give it a closer look. It is only the 7" - version i shot that day for economically accaptable € 0,50 but its also just over 3 minutes long - so if YOU are a proud owner of the 8min 12" version of one of the few greatgreat british disco producers Alan Hawkshaw, I am happy to exchange the files on here or trade a doublet with one of my double copies. For now enjoy this teaser

Samstag, 11. August 2007

Cane and Able - Dont Knock My Love 1972

A bit of spaced out funk. Cane & Able were one of the many groups that came out of the collective surrounding the Lafayette Afro-Rock Band. Some of their work is right now available at grooveprovider.
"Don't Knock My Love" Is a great cover originally by Wilson Pickett.
Featuring a part of James Browns` brass section: Tony Lytle (Trombone) and Hasan Tayratira (Trumpet) this song is taken from their selfentitled debut album.
A must for Your funky side.

Efdemin - Just a Track 2007

Carsten Jost in the past more known for his also great but far more technotic tracks brings Berlin considerably close to Chicago on the map. A phan`fuckin`tastic piece being far up on the list of best Chicago House tunes of all Times. Including the vocal line "If house is a nation, I wanna be president . . . " set out to be and stay a veritable masterpiece for this Genre and with high recognition value, if needed by a crowd.
This rounds up this weekends posts for the club, so bring your nutrition in balance and put on your favourite clothes, even though they might get busted its saturday!

Detroit Grand Pubahs - Skydive From Venus 2007

Something fresh from two guys from - of course: Detroit. From the Past, the Present and the Future. Fits just fine to warm up for panorama bar.
Hosting tonite the fabulous Jesse Rose and tomorrow afternoon Dixon and Markus Worgull.
"Berlin, Baby!"

Stevie Wonder - Master Blaster

Achtung Hit !
The Best ever recorded Wonder Track and musically as well as textual still the greatest homage to Bobby Marley who spend quite some time that year being on tour with Stevie.
Its one of those songs you can listen to over and over again and I assure You not to get bored until the end of Your fantastic life.

He can do anything if you show him where.
1960s Drum Solo

Freitag, 10. August 2007

Phillygran - Mein Plattenschrank Volume One

An Exclusive chosensperms mixtape.

Length 41:16

Kent Schneider - There`s A Church Within Us Oh Lord
Tony Allen with Afrika 70 - Afro-Disco-Beat
Junior Boys - The Equalizer (Morgan Geists Graphic Mix)
Bumblebee Unlimited - Lady Bug
Marcus Mixx - The Spell (Ron Hardy Mix)
Sylvia - Automatic Lover
International Music System - Dancing Therapy (12" Mix)
Aleem - Release Yourself
Carmen - Time To Move

Donnerstag, 9. August 2007

Chemise - She cant love You 1983

And again A fabulous piece of Dance Music to rank up for Eternity.
Produced by The Muldrow Brothers sent out to touch You where You like it the most.

Girlz Boyz get together and do it who with whatever !lol
I feel like partying. See you at Weekend tonite, Loco Dice is playing.

Mittwoch, 8. August 2007

Convertion - Sweet Thing (Phillygran Edit)

my edit of this classic disco tune. enjoy or hate it

Newcleus - Automan 1984

Invariable my favourite Newcleus track and original to the German techno-pop veterans.
No not scooter: Snap of course and their well adapted sample in Rythm is a dancer.
Automan is pretty slow and the vocal A-side not quite match peoples listening habits on todays
dancefloors. But as I hope this gets passed around one can play this outstanding piece of music to a crowd again.
Please love it as I do !

Dienstag, 7. August 2007

Kano - I m Ready 1980

I am speechless. From the the first moment I heard this.
If You`re at a party where this song is not working leave it now and always do so in the future!!

Hashim - Al-Naafiysh (The Soul) 1983

"Ladies and Gentelmen: A true classic Breakers anthem!
Enjoy this pre miamibase rap-less electro classic!
Yes You hear correctly, more electro than what alot
of shit covers itself in today with this warming word.
Do some headspinns, for fucks sake !"

Montag, 6. August 2007

Carmen - Time To Move 1984

If there`s just the slightest bit of heart left in Your chest you gotta fall in love with this song
Produced by the relatively unknown Daisy Earnest this all womens project should have done muchmuch more - Time to move is unfortunately the only one I came across.
If anyone of You knows more please contact me

Sonntag, 5. August 2007

David Joseph - You Cant Hide Your Love (Larry LevanRMX) 1983

Something to dance to on nice and warm Sunnday afternoon. I wish they would have afterhours here in Berlin playing other than Minimal my Ass...(Sorry to All of You not having anywhere to go to during the day)
But as long as this reality is happening I will be posting songs like this to keep me of the streets.
Larry Levan, famous and never forgotten Dj,Remixer,audiophile clubhost and mastermind of clubculture with a lovely remix on this one. Together with Bumblebee Unlimited`s, Lady Bug and Class Action`s, Weekend this is one of my favourite Levan Mixes.
Its been re-released on Mango/Island Records so grab a copy if You see it.

Mittwoch, 1. August 2007

Arthur Russell - In The Light Of The Miracle

Dani Krivit`s Edit of this already timeless Masterpiece tops it and is an everlasting Statement for the genius of Arthur Russell who died in 1992 much too early at the age of 40 years. Its even longer than the original but respectful.
. . .