Mittwoch, 26. September 2007

Advance - Take Me To The Top 1982

Been wanting to post this for a long time - Äh, sorry going just under two months but it feels like I never did anything else sure will keep on going for my fanbase. Could call it a fan too but adding -base sounds bigger and might even attract more to make `em feel like being part of something great. Advance seemingly put out no other song than this there was one released a few years later called "Take It To The Top" which I have never had a listen too, but as names do not differ much I expect it to be close to the original. Nevertheless this song is fantastic with its surplus vocals, groovy synth lines, dreamy pads and classic muted guitars it for sure is one of my all time favourites. And if not reminded by some `music theoreticians` and that it was produced by Alvaro Ugolini and Dario Raimondi I would have never subsumed it under the term Italo Disco, but hey lets compromise: An All Time Dance Classic

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