Sonntag, 29. Juli 2007

Tamiko Jones - Cant live without your love 1979

And yet another Disco Classic. This blog is definitely not intended to stay "just" for this genre, but I have the strong drive to begin with the pieces that had the most effect on me and in my humble opinion where immensly important for so many contemporary dancefloor smashers making the (quality-)kids go crazy all over the world.
It is also a coincidence that Tamiko`s greatest hit was produced in the year 1979 this blogs causer was to see the light of day.
1945 born Barbara Tamiko Ferguson began her career as a jazz singer during the early `60s, when she originally called herself Timiko. After changing to Tamiko she worked with people like Herbie Mann and Solomon Burke.
`Cant live without your love` though, is the record she is probably best known for.
I love it for its feel, the timeless synthie-string pads and and a lot of stereo effects that are going on.
Another song of hers worth checking out is Tamiko`s Groove that is right now available on the great dilatechoonz.

Donnerstag, 26. Juli 2007

Royalclash - Radioactivity 1983

There is not much I can write about this post people apart from the fact that I bought this record about 5 years ago in an antique record shop in West-Berlin. The shop is really fantastic as its packed up to the roof (that`s so germish) with records and the guy who runs it is far in his seventies. He also has a very unique way of archiving his vinyl. When I first discovered it I found myself in there for a whole day and after the guy realised I was mostly looking for disco records he showed me the room he stored the stuff he assembles as "black" . Well It definitely was and maybe still is a place to dig, cause I just recently read an article in Berlin`s biggest city magazine praising it to be so. It might be childish but after that, I thought I would not go there anymore -we`ll see as one can change. If you had told me years ago I would share my trophies like this I would have called him crazy.
Ah, Radioactivity might be too cheesy to some ears and it certainly drags on, but I miss out the way vocals could grovenize a track in a great amount of nowadays music and I see a lot of cue points for You digital Djs out there.

Saint Tropez - I wanna do something freaky to you (baby) 1982

Oo Im starting to enjoy this a lot.
Here we have a disco track that for me really has it all. From cammanding string arrangements, bongo fills, a smooth synthie bass to lesbian vocoder backing vocals and off course cowbells. Unfortunately just under 4 minutes this track definetly has a strong endevour to be timeless popsong. Produced by the genius`of Michael Lewis and Laurin Rinder (amongst others: Le Pamplemousse, In Search Of Orchestra, El Coco, Tuxedo Junction), who will for shure get more space and time here in the future. After jumping on the disco train in the late 70`s these oustanding producers had always picked changing singers for their project ST. TROPEZ so I can not really tell with certainty who lent their voices for this one. Bye the way it is taken from the 1982 and last LP "Hot and Nasty"

Mittwoch, 25. Juli 2007

Supermax - Aint Gonna Feel 1979

Seems like I managed to get myself a blog (wasn`t that difficult). Thanx to the great blogs and also the bad ones for giving me the inspiration to finally realise one and I`m looking forward to seeing more and more peoples starting to share their emotions in this vein (not having in mind any more vacuous politicans).

So, my first post comes from the (to this day) blond-moustached-alpine-dweller Kurt Hauenstein. His formation SUPERMAX brought out the album "fly with me" in 1979. After his most famous 1977 album "world of today" (including the all time classic and often re-released Lovemachine), this one hasn`t in my point of view ever reached its deserved attention. Aint gonna feel is one of the coolest down tempo disco tracks I`ve ever come across and not even Falco a good ten years later ever managed to bring an austrian accent to shine in such way.